The National Thanksgiving Turkey:
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Giving Thanks

Donations of turkey occur year-round from America's turkey farmers and processors, and many members of the National Turkey Federation work to fill charitable requests for frozen turkey. 

The National Thanksgiving Turkey - chosen not just for his good looks, but poise and manners are important when one is set to meet the President of the United States. 

History and the Thanksgiving Turkey from President Lincoln's proclamation and today's echoes of the Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving. Why Americans eat turkey and how they love it prepared. 

Prepare to Celebrate

Buying your turkeyfresh or flash-frozen is personal preference in price and convenience. Flash-frozen to 0 degrees, is virtually at the same freshness as the day it was processed. Fresh turkeys are deep chilled after packaging, though with a shorter shelf life, usually more expensive.

The slow thaw is best but takes up to 6 days, depending on weight. Cold water can thaw your turkey in 12 hours, but fresh cold water must be changed every half hour. Or, microwave with caution.

Prep and roast your turkey, checking for 165 degree internal temperature for best results.

After the feast

Refrigerating and freezing turkey is your choice - but refrigerate within 2 hours - use within 4 days - or freeze for up to 4 months. Buying fresh turkey you have 2 days to cook - frozen turkey can keep for 12 months in the freezer. 

Deep-fried delicacy - deep-fry turkey for crispy skin and succulent meat.

Top 10 meals for turkey extras make this versatile meat good for Monte Cristo or Reuben, soups, salads or chili that easily combine with new flavors for a tasty meal. 

 Relax - Your Planning Guide for the weeks ahead for larger gatherings.

Turkey soups, appetizers, salads and hot dishes are among the favorites for extras.

Frequently Asked Questions for buying, thawing, stuffing, and preparing.

Choose from the menu of recipe suggestions in appetizers, deep-fried or roasted turkey, sides and fixin's as well as dessert.    
Wine pairings with turkey considers also the type of stuffings, sides and guest preferences.