USDA Dietary Recommendations

MyPlate helps people understand their personal diet in terms of healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

  1. Grains, including whole grains.
  2. Vegetables, including dark green and orange veggies.
  3. Fruits, emphasis is on eating a variety of fruits.
  4. Poultry, meats, fish, beans and nuts, choose low-fat and lean poultry and meats.
  5. Milk, yogurt and cheese, choose low-fat or fat-free.

The "Protein" section of the plate recommends choosing lean or low-fat meat and poultry. Turkey is a nutrient-rich protein that is lower in fat and calories than many other foods within this group.



The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 also offer good direction for health. Of particular interest is the principle that advises, "Go lean with protein." This guideline recommends selecting the lower fat options with "lean meats and poultry". Turkey is a perfect choice.



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