Top Ten Ways to Use Leftover Turkeys
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If you are lucky enough to have some leftover turkey, you can stretch your food dollar by using the remaining cooked turkey to prepare an entree, pizza, chili, soup, sandwich or salad.

Click on the links below to prepare these delicious recipes and take full advantage of the value of turkey. The entree recipes can provide another family dinner, helping to cut the grocery bill. The Monte Cristo or Reuben sandwiches may be sliced into quarters or strips and served as bite-size appetizers during holiday parties.

The chili and soup are great cold weather recipes to serve to sports fans watching weekend games. The number one favorite - flavorful Turkey, Mandarin and Poppy Seed Salad is low in fat and cholesterol, a perfect formula for balancing healthy fare with good value.

10. Thai Grilled Pizza

9. Turkey Monte Cristo

8. Easy Cheesy Turkey Enchiladas

7. Turkey Cranberry Croissant

6. Turkey Reuben Sandwich

5. Turkey Pot Pie

4. Slow Cooker White Turkey Chili

3. Creamy Creole Turkey Bake

2. Using It All Turkey Soup

And the Number One most popular recipe is:

Turkey, Mandarin and Poppy Seed Salad