1 serving of vegetables2 servings of whole grains3 ounces of lean proteinFruitLow-fat diary
Slice of lettuce and/or tomato2 slices of whole grain bread3 ounces of skinless, boneless, grilled turkey breastIndividually packed serving of fruitlow-fat milk
1 bag of baby carrots10 whole-grain crackers3 ounces of roasted turkey breast stripsGrapeslow-fat cheese cubes
1 bag of sliced bell peppers and cucumbers with hummus1 whole-wheat tortilla3 ounces of shredded roasted turkey breastAppleSlice of low-fat cheese
Spinach or diced bell peppers1 cup of whole wheat pasta tossed with light Italian dressing3 ounces of cubed roasted turkey breastBananaCup of low-fat yogurt
1 bag of cucumber and carrot slices3-4 whole-grain bread sticks3 ounces of turkey breast strips100% fruit juiceThinly sliced low-fat cheese (used for wrapping the turkey)

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